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PPP016L-E 18.5V/6.5A for HP/COMPAQ View larger

PPP016L-E 18.5V/6.5A for HP/COMPAQ


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HP 18.5V 6.5A AC Power Adapter 5.5x2.5mm for HP/COMPAQ laptops

Compatible with the following Part Numbers:
PPP016S / PPP017H / PPP017L / 316688-01 / 317188-01 317188-001 / 316687-00 / Compaq 316687-001 316687-002 316687-003 316688-001 316688-002 316688-003 309241-001 310925-001 317188-001 344895-001 344895-001 347438-001 350221-001 350775-001 370998-001
HP HP-OW120F13 HP-OW121F13 PA-1121-02H PA-1121-12H PPP016L PPP017H PPP017L PA-1121-02H PA-1121-12H DC687A DC687A#ABA DC790A F1454A F1781A F4814A

compatible with the following laptops:

HP Pavilion: NX9500/ ZE 4000 Series/ ZE 5000 Series/ ZV5000/ ZX5000 Series/

HP Compaq ZD Series
ZD7000 Series/ ZD7100 Series/ ZD7200 Series/ ZD7300 Series/ ZD7999 Series/ ZD7000/ ZD7001/ ZD7005 /ZD7005QV/ ZD7010/ZD7010US/ ZD7015/ ZD7015US/ ZD7020/ ZD7020US/ ZD7030/ ZD7030US/ ZD7040/ ZD7040US/ ZD7050/ ZD7050US/ ZD7102US/ ZD7140US/ ZD7160US/ ZD7201US/ ZD7230US/ ZD7260US/ ZD7280US/ ZD7310US/ ZD7380US/ ZD7999US

Compaq Presario: 3000/ 3000XX/ 3000US/ 3005/ 3005US/ 3015/ 3015US/ 3017/ 3017CL/ 3045/ 3045US/ 3050/ 3050US Series/ R3000 series/ R3100 series R3200 series/ R3300 series/ R3400 series/ ZT3068/ ZT3068CL Series/ PC 3019CL/ PC 3020US/ PC 3045US/ PC 3050US/ PC 3070US/ PC 3080US
HP D SERIES: DC924A, DC924AR, DC925A, DC925AR, DG956A, DG956AR, DG958A, DG958AR, DG959A, DG959AR, DM788A DM788AR, DM790A, DM790AR, DM791A, DM791AR, DM793A, DM793AR, DN730AV, DP446U, DP447U, DP448U DP448UR, DP761E, DP762E, DP763E, DP764E, DP765E, DP766E, DP767E, DP768E, DP769E, DP770E, DR089U,DR089U RDR340U, DR761E, DR762E, DR768E, DR769E, DR770E, DT859U
HP Compaq ZT Series
HP Compaq ZV Series
HP Compaq ZX Series 


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PPP016L-E 18.5V/6.5A for HP/COMPAQ

PPP016L-E 18.5V/6.5A for HP/COMPAQ